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Students Studying
When I first arrived I couldn’t achieve my SAT and IELTS score, but I’ve made rapid progress recently.
– Jane
TFU is one of the best institutions in my community. I jog to TFU to study A-Level Maths, Account, Business, and Computer Science. The learning environment is superb and the staff are really kind.
– Head
We are very busy with our work, but TFU’s schedule is flexible. We really enjoy studying English conversation at TFU.
– Yok and New

TFU Language School: Engage. Enable. Inspire.

TFU Language School, in collaboration with TFU Educational Services Co., Ltd. was established by modern educators Ajarn Phromphan Kongpolphrom (MBA) and Ajarn Dr. Nuttaporn Kongpolphrom (Linguistics) on March 21, 2011. Both scholars are graduates of Indiana University, USA and have devoted their time and effort to teaching standard English used by Thai learners. Dr. Nuttaporn, a co-founder of TFU, possesses a background in Business English, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Linguistics. In addition, Dr. Nuttaporn specializes in written discourse analysis; hence, shares her academic and career knowledge through the establishment of TFU Language School.

TFU has been providing educational services such as tutoring and academic counseling for 9 years. Test preparation includes IB, A-LEVEL, SAT, IGCSE, FCE, PET, SSAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, GRAMMAR, WRITING, COVERSATION, CU-AAT, CU-TEP, TU-GET and more. TFU provides educational opportunities for students who are pursuing preparation for standardized tests, both at our convenient location and from the convenience of students’ homes. TFU offers a variety of courses designed to provide the ultimate in test preparation, taught one-on-one to maintain high satisfaction and effectiveness since students can cooperate long enough to focus on lectures and class activities.